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Measure Your Size

Use the following methods to measure your measurements, and the numbers obtained correspond to the size chart of each product page (directly click on the page SIZE GUIDE to jump to the size chart).


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Measure your waist

Step 1.In order to get an accurate measurement, you need to take off the multi-layered clothing blocking your waist.
Step 2.Find your waist. Use your fingers to find the position below the rib cage and above the buttocks. Your waist is where there is meat between the two bones.
Step 3.Start measuring. Put the end of the tape measure on your belly button and wrap it around your waist. The tape measure should be parallel to the floor.
Setp 4.Look at the 0 on the tape and the end of the tape around the waist. The point of intersection is where your waist is.
Step 5.You can measure again to confirm the size.

Measure your hip

Step 1.Hold the head of the tape measure with your right hand.
Step 2.Place the metal piece on the tip of the measuring tape in front of the abdomen. Make sure you can see the reading on the ruler in the mirror.
Step 3.Pass the tape measure around the abdomen.
Step 4.Move the tape measure down to the widest part of the hip.
Step 5.sideways. Look in the mirror to see if the tape measure is level with the ground everywhere. In addition, make sure that the ruler is not twisted.
Step 6.Align the end of the measuring tape with the tape head.
Step 7.Read the measurement results in the mirror.

Measure your chest(men)

Step 1.Measure horizontally around the fullest part of the chest for a week.
Step 2.With two fingers inside the soft ruler.
Step 3.The subject should relax both hands, breathe naturally, and the measuring tape must be straightened.
Step 4.Reading: record the numbers shown on the tape measure.
Step 5.Repeat 1-2 times to confirm the size.

Measure your chest(women)

Part 1-Size Measure

Step 1. Measure the size of your elastic band. The size of the elastic band should be relatively stable, and the measurement is easy.
Step 2. Use a tape measure around the lower end of the breast and measure it in cm as inches. Make sure the tape is level and tightened relatively tightly. Your arms should face down. Then write down the measurement results.
Pulpit rock
Step 3. Reading: If result is odd number, you can try it by one size larger and one smaller. For example, if you measure 31 inches (ie 78.7 cm), then try both numbers 30 and 32.
If result is an even number, this is usually the size of your elastic band, but depending on your body type, you may still need underwear one size larger or one size smaller.

Part 2-Cup Measure

Measure your cup size.
Step 1.Bend forward so that your chest is parallel to the ground. This way you can more accurately include the entire breast in the measurement range, instead of measuring only the protruding part as when standing upright.
Step 2.Measure your bust circumference and use a measuring tape to measure the size of your bust circle. It doesn’t need to be tight but comfortable. then write down the measured number.
Pulpit rock
Step 3.Make sure that the tape measure is straight, that is, the front and back are the same height. Measure yourself in front of the mirror, or ask your partner or friend to help you.
Step 4.Calculate the cup. You have to subtract the result of the tightness measurement from the result of the cup measurement. The difference between the two determines the size of your cup.

Less than 1 inch = AA
1 inch = A
2 inches = B
3 inches = C
4 inches = D
5 inches = DD
6 inches = DDD (E in British)
7 inches = DDDD (F in British)
8 inches = G/H (FF in British)
9 inches = I/J (G in British)
10 inches =J (GG in British)


✨If you are still unclear about the size measurement, you can also check the following videos.


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