About shipping, different countries have different transportation times and shipping companies.
Due to the COVID-19 and some special circumstances, some packages may be delayed a little.
The shipping countries and time table:

Country Time
United States 3-15 Business days
Australia 5-14 Business days
Canada 7-16 Business days
United Kingdom 6-18 Business days
France 7-16 Business days
Germany 6-16 Business days
Italy 7-20 Business days
Spain 7-15 Business days
Rest of world contact us to confirm the shipping time and method.

If your parcels will delayed, we will notify you by email in advance.
*Some accident and urgent situations will affect the delivery. But we will also notify customers in advance and solve problems in time.
Any questions, please contact us in time.
Email: service@nebilityvip.com

Every product has size chart, which can be viewed by clicking "SIZE GUIDE" on the page.
The uniform unit used in the size table is inch.
If still any problem, be free to email us.

Measurement methods:

Step 1. Using your tape measure, measure the entire chest, waist or buttocks horizontally. (Note: If measure the hip, you need to move the tape from the waist down to the widest position of the hip.)
Step 2. Relax your hands, breathe naturally, and the tape measure must be straightened. (Note: the tape measure should be kept level with the ground and straightened). Step 3. Read, read the value on the tape measure.
Step 4. The measurement can be repeated 2-3 times to eliminate errors.

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*You should measure and choose your size before placing the order. Confirm the size and address again by our email. (Usually we will send a email after you place order.)
*If there are quality problems such as sending the wrong size, sending the wrong product, or damage, we will resend the correct product for free.
When the product is not suitable for you, you can choose to return or exchange it, but it must also meet the following requirements:
1. Inform us of this news via email or Facebook in time.
2. Do not return directly to the address on the package.
3. Get the details of return and exchange by contacting us, including method/address/product.
4. Only in 30 days(After you received it.)

PS: The refunded fee needs to be borne by the customer, and the details of the fee are communicated by email or Facebook.

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